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What to do with gold bullion

All that glitters isn’t always Gold, but it definitely sweetens the deal!

Most of the time when you win a Prize Home, you also get a nice chunk of Gold Bullion to kickstart your Millionaire lifestyle.

But what exactly is Gold Bullion? Can you just pick up some Gold bars on the way to your new home? What about cash instead? And what do you do with the Gold?

What is Gold Bullion?

The word ‘Bullion’ is just a general name for Gold or Silver that have been melted down and transformed into bars or minted into coins for investment purposes (yes, actual Gold bars really exist!).

You have the option of taking possession of the gold bullion, or you can sell the gold bullion to claim its value in cash. Please note that gold selling costs and market variations do apply when selling the gold bullion.

Why do Art Unions offer Gold Bullion instead of Cash?

We get a lot of questions around why Gold Bullion is chosen as a prize.

Gold is a great investment as it can hold its value against inflation and the market.

Due to legislative conditions and requirements in Australian States where Art Unions apply for gaming permits, there are strict rules in relation to offering cash as prizes, therefore Gold Bullion is substituted instead of cash.

This means offering $500K cash with a First Prize wouldn’t be possible, but there are no issues including $500K Gold Bullion!

Gold Bullion gives winners the chance to realise their dreams, whatever they may be.

Accessing your Gold

It’s exciting to think about what you would do with a heap of Gold Bullion! Past Gold winners have asked, “How do I get the Gold home?” or, “Do I need a truck to pick it up?”

But there's no need to arrange transport for your Gold. It’s really much more simple than that!

Though it’s fun to imagine carrying a bag of Gold bars out of the bank, it doesn’t actually come in the form of physical bars – unless of course that’s what you want.

Once you’ve won some Gold Bullion, your Gold account will be held by the Gold provider, where you can store the Gold.

So if you're watching the Gold price you might choose to sell it on a high day. Or you could sell some, and keep some to sell later.

The choice is yours!

Either way, you don’t have to worry about finding a way to store your Gold. That’s already sorted for you.

You can learn all about buying and selling your Gold from As Good As Gold Australia and ABC Bullion

Time to dream

What would you do with $500K Gold?

Buy your dream car? Pay off the mortgage? Buy an investment house? Or even go on a lavish Australian holiday?

You could be the next winner of a home or gold or both!

As the saying goes, you've gotta be in it to win it!

While more tickets means more chances, it just takes one ticket to win.

Change your life and get a ticket in the latest Prize Home Draw today!

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