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Tips For Winning Prize Homes

How To Win A Prize Home Australia

Dreaming of becoming a Millionaire, owning a luxury house and buying an exotic car?

You are not alone, this is probably the dream of millions of Australians today.

Although this dream is achievable, only a few Australians end up owning their own dream houses. If you want to be one of the few Australians to rise beyond the status quo, prize homes are absolutely the easiest way to do that.

Millions of Lottery Draws Available

Art Union Prize Home Tickets are worth millions of dollars every year. Some of the houses are worth over $2-3 million, seldom below. The two art unions that have the biggest prizes, including prize homes and/or adventure packages are RSL Art Union Prize Homes and Yourtown Prize Homes.

Not only can you win a dream home – you will be helping some amazing causes along the way.

Each prize home ticket is unique and the prizes are unique as well. No matter which prize homes’ raffle draw you choose, you can be sure to get a lot of benefits.

These charities host various draws; for instance, YourTown hosts major draws namely, YourTown Draw Car, and  YourTown Prize Homes.

How Do Prize Home Lotteries Work?

It is easy to buy a prize home ticket, simply got to the Home Page and pick the home you'd like to buy tickets for.

Some people choose to spend a lot of money and buy as many tickets as possible… but the reality is – you only need ONE ticket to be a winner!! Once you purchase a ticket, you automatically become a part of the lucky draw and you could stand a chance to win a luxury home, and more, in some of the best locations in Australia.

The number of available tickets depends on the Art Union prize home lottery you go for. For instance, the RSL Art Union Draw 372 has up to 2.8 million tickets and you can choose the odds you want to begin the draw. The odds range from $5 – 1 Ticket to $1000 – $250 Tickets and your chances of winning depend on the odd you choose. For instance, for Draw 372, the chance of winning for a $5 – 1 Ticket is 1:28,000,000 while the chance for winning for a $1000 – 250 Tickets is 1:11,200.

You can even improve your chance of winning by buying more tickets and the prize you stand to win is dependent on the Art Union Prize Home offer at the time.

Other Prizes To Win

However, prize homes are not the only benefit or prizes available in the lottery draws, you can also get other benefits such as cars, such as the Yourtown Car Prize offers.