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What Happens If I Win A Prize Home?

Imagine you are suddenly the winner of a luxury Prize Home!

What Do You Do?  Fair Question, it would be a shock to most people – although we all buy the prize home tickets – it's still always a shock when the winner is called.

Here's how Yourtown Prize Home Lotteries do it:

Yourtown notifies all prize winners.

If a current daytime telephone number is on record, it's used to contact the First Prize winner and inform them of their prize as soon as the results from the draw have been confirmed.

All winners will receive their notification by registered mail. These letters are prepared immediately following the draw and mailed on the day of the draw.

When First Prize is a choice of properties, the winner has seven days from draw date to advise which prize option they would like to take. It is possible during this time to arrange an inspection of the properties, depending on the State and the current restrictions.

When the lucky winner comes to collect their prize they will be met by a representative of yourtown who will take them through their new home and officially hand over the keys.

Yourtown arrange the transfer of title so that the winner can move into their new home immediately!

Don't forget that everything you see in the home is included in the win, so if you do win you'd only need to pack some clothes and a toothbrush! The winner will also receive an information pack about their new home which contains lots of helpful information about their new home.

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