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RSL Art Union Prize Home Draw 390

Prize Home Draw Value $3,405,222

Congratulations to the holder of ticket number 00159399 from ASPENDALE, VIC! The lucky winner of Draw 390 now owns a $3.4M Multi-State Trifecta!

Imagine winning an instant property portfolio package worth $3.4 million!

RSL Prize Home Draw 390 offers you the chance to win THREE stylish apartments! There is one on the Gold Coast, one in Sydney and another in Melbourne.

Plus, Draw 390 has  $350,000  in gold included to spend as you please! Just Imagine!

For just a $5 ticket, this life-changing prize could become your home, your fortune, or both!

What will you do if you win?



How many tickets are available?
RSL Art Union Draw 390 has a total of 4,507,800 tickets available.

When is RSL Draw 390 drawn?

RSL Art Union's prize home will be drawn on 3rd Nov 2021 and the results will be published here soon after.

How much is RSL Art Union Draw 390 worth?
Draw 390 is valued at $3,405,222.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw are $5 for one ticket... the more you buy the higher the chances.

What payment methods are available to buy tickets?
RSL Art Union Prize Home offers secure payments on site via all major credit cards (excluding AMEX), debit cards, direct debit from your nominated Australian bank account, PayPal, cheque, or money order from your Australian bank account.

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